Art Intersection Gum Workshop!

©Michael Puff, 2015  Tri-color gum print 

I keep meaning to upload images from the gum workshop I taught a few weeks ago, out at the amazing Art Intersection, located in Gilbert, Arizona.  What a beautiful place-- outstanding facilities and people-- so welcoming-- and such a great community.  I had a wonderful filled class of ten, and each and every one was terrific.  We had so much fun.  Caroline, who is a real gem, was my assistant, and she was so incredibly helpful to me.  I could not have taught this workshop without her.  The weekend went so smoothly.  The only thing missing was a tiny bit of humidity in the desert out there!

Before I upload the images from the workshop, though, I recently heard from one of my students, Michael Puff, a friend and a very talented, adept platinum printer.  Michael lives in California and was in the workshop.  He made the above print the week he got home and emailed it to me.  I'm blown away by this image and the print-- so compelling and so other-worldly-- and just a perfectly perfect print, in my view.  As with all processes, to start out with a beautiful image always helps.  

But this just goes to show that you CAN make a beautiful gum print at home, alone, even when the workshop has ended.  It really doesn't get much better than this.  Click on Michael's image  to view it larger.

To view more images made during the Art Intersection gum workshop and one I taught recently at the wonderful Light Factory, in Charlotte, NC, please check out my Workshops page here.