Weekend Gum Bichromate Workshop at the Light Factory!

I just finished teaching a two-day gum bichromate workshop at Charlotte's Light Factory and had such a wonderful time!

The class was filled with ten of the most engaged, fun,  interesting, and accomplished photographers.  Really energizing.  I even learned the correct pronunciation of 'Quinacridone.'  Thanks, Mel. 

So check out these stellar gum prints from long-time photographers, but first-time gum printers: Chris EdwardsMel SkerponJanet Boschkerand Mike Baker.

And watch this space, because I'll be adding more in the next few days.

Image & tricolor gum print by ©Chris Edwards 2015

None had ever done any gum printing prior to the workshop, and I was awed by some of the truly beautiful prints they made.  By the second day, the confidence level was way up, and everyone understood the process a bit better-- both the variables and the creative possibilities that come with them.

They wow'd me with their prints.  Truly.

Image & tri-color gum print by ©Mel Skerpon 2015

Images and tri-color gum prints by ©Mel Skerpon (L) and ©Mike Baker (R) 2015

Images & tri-color gum prints by ©Janet Boschker 2015 

I love the folks at the Light Factory.  Kay Tuttle, the Director, and Laurie Schorr, the Education Director, do an incredible job-- and what a fantastic community of supporters they have.  Such a fun weekend!  I hope to do it again.  

Image & tri-color gum print by ©Janet Boschker 2015