Very first gumoil print(s)!

After Gordon Holtslander introduced me to gumoil, and Jim Hoyle pointed me in the right direction with a Karl Koenig video-- and I managed to snag Koenig's book, Gumoil Photographic Printing, for a mere $30-- I was intrigued.  

This is my first gumoil.  No bleaching or etching was done, and only one layer of oil here.  It could be better, for sure, but not a bad start.  A fascinating process.  I look forward to doing more.

This particular image (umbrella tree) itself was made by Art Howard, videographer and still photographer extraordinaire.

Image ©Art Howard 2016; gumoil print by me

I've added a few more gumoils here since this first one I made above.  This is a very difficult process, and these are not yet where I want them to be, but here's what I printed so far that's worthy of being posted.

Annalee at the Highline ©DH Bloomfield 2016 (gumoil)

Tree in Floyd, VA ©DH Bloomfield 2016 (gumoil)