Polymer Photogravure Workshop at Cullowhee Mountain Arts

Waxwing, ©Diana H. Bloomfield (polymer photogravure)

On Middle Island, ©Diana H. Bloomfield 2016 (polymer photogravure)

I just spent a week up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, at Cullowhee Mountain Arts, taking a polymer photogravure workshop, at Western Carolina's terrific art department/printmaking facilities, located on their campus in Cullowhee.  

I had such a great fun time-- and, truly, such a positive learning experience-- with 4 amazing photographers/printmakers, all of us led by the very talented artist and ever-so knowledgeable and patient instructor, Clay Harmon.  I love this process and am now on the search for a great etching press.  

Check out some of the prints I made in the workshop. Click on images to see larger.

Girl at Listening Vessel, ©Diana H. Bloomfield 2016 (polymer photogravure)