Denis Roussel Award 2019 Recognition

I am honored and so very happy to have my handmade books included in the list of 'Outstanding Work,' in the Denis Roussel Award submissions for 2019. A big thank you to juror, Jesseca Ferguson-- and to the Rfotofolio folks (Connie & Jerry Rosenthal)— for the honor and recognition, and for putting this Award together. Denis was such an inventive, imaginative artist, fully realizing his vision-- leaving a beautiful body of work-- so I'm thrilled to be connected in this way, and to be in such great company among this list of artists, which includes a few of my very favorite photographers/print-makers. And you can read more about it here.

Flag Book, 2019,  Bound Roses  (Cyanotype)

Flag Book, 2019, Bound Roses (Cyanotype)