Tri-Color Gum Bichromate Printing, Cullowhee Mountain Arts!

Join me for a week-long tri-color gum bichroamte workshop at Cullowhee Mountain Arts, on the campus of Western University, in Cullowhee, North Carolina.  The workshop runs from June 25-30, 2017.  Check it out!

Come and visit the beautiful NC mountains learning how to print in the 19th century photographic process of gum bichromate. Using color separation negatives (made via 21st century technology), we will learn how to make multi-layered, tricolor gum bichromate prints on watercolor paper.  A specific emulsion of watercolor pigment, potassium dichromate, and gum arabic is carefully brushed on watercolor paper.  After drying, a digital negative is placed on top, exposed to UV light, and then “developed” in plain tap water.   With repeated coatings and careful negative registration, layers are slowly built until a rich color image is achieved . . . 

Gum Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual . . .

I've been traveling for the last 2 weeks and am now finally home, and thrilled to no end to have received Christina Z. Anderson's new Gum Printing book: Gum Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual, Highlighting Artists and their Creative Practice (Focal Press). Thank you, Chris, for including my work and words in this beautiful and informative book. Such inspiring artists, all, and I am honored to have my work featured among them. Thank you for being so generous. For anyone interested in gum printing and all the myriad ways to use this process, you really should have this book. It is the go-to book on gum printing. Truly open and generous to dedicate so much of this book to all these artists. I love reading about what and how these artists print-- their process-- and in their own words. Well done, Chris!

Book cover ©Christina Z. Anderson 2016

Book cover ©Christina Z. Anderson 2016

Image @Diana H. Bloomfield 2016; from Christina Z. Anderson's book (see above)

Image @Diana H. Bloomfield 2016; from Christina Z. Anderson's book (see above)

Images ©Diana H. Bloomfield 2016; from Christina Z. Anderson's book (see above).

Images ©Diana H. Bloomfield 2016; from Christina Z. Anderson's book (see above).

Images ©Diana H. Bloomfield 2016; from Christina Z. Anderson's book (see above)

Slow Exposures Pop-up!

We had a great time at Slow Exposures, in Zebulon, GA.  I met so many wonderful people, and some, too, that I had previously met only online-- so to meet in person was so much fun.  And I loved sharing exhibit space with Betty Press in the beautiful little house with the golden color walls.  A big thanks to John Bennette (aka, mrbennette) for choosing my work, so helpful with curating, and pairing me with Betty.  We had a blast!

©Diana H. Bloomfield, Slow Exposures 2016


I am very happy and excited to have my work included in SlowExposures Pop-Up Tour 2016! A big thank you to mrbennette (aka, John Bennette) for his insight and generous help, and for including my images in this year's Pop-up Tour -- and to all the folks who help put SlowExposures together.

Check out the entire schedule of events, exhibitions, and talks taking place during these "Four Slow Days" September 15 - 18. I look forward to it, and I hope to see you there!

Polymer Photogravure Workshop at Cullowhee Mountain Arts

Waxwing, ©Diana H. Bloomfield (polymer photogravure)

On Middle Island, ©Diana H. Bloomfield 2016 (polymer photogravure)

I just spent a week up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, at Cullowhee Mountain Arts, taking a polymer photogravure workshop, at Western Carolina's terrific art department/printmaking facilities, located on their campus in Cullowhee.  

I had such a great fun time-- and, truly, such a positive learning experience-- with 4 amazing photographers/printmakers, all of us led by the very talented artist and ever-so knowledgeable and patient instructor, Clay Harmon.  I love this process and am now on the search for a great etching press.  

Check out some of the prints I made in the workshop. Click on images to see larger.

Girl at Listening Vessel, ©Diana H. Bloomfield 2016 (polymer photogravure)


I am beyond thrilled to have my pinhole image, HandMask on the June cover issue of Silvershotz.  Check it out, as well as the feature inside, which includes an interview and images from my Figurative series. The link I've added below, allows you free access to this month's issue; every day, a new portfolio from this issue is accessible to you.  Mine is released on Tuesday, June 7.  A great magazine, and well worth a subscription!

Santa Fe & Verve Gallery of Photography!

I had a truly wonderful time in Santa Fe and at the amazing Verve Gallery of Photography, located in downtown Santa Fe.  Beautiful gallery and lovely people.  I had such a great time and met some wonderful folks.  You can read more about my work during this exhibition, too, at Daily Photo News

And here's an image I made of my daughter while we were out there.  

Annalee, downtown Santa Fe, May 2016 ©DH Bloomfield